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Rubber Band Ligation

‘RBL’ is the most effective ‘office’ treatment for haemorrhoids. The haemorrhoid is grasped and encircled by a tiny white rubber band. This occludes the blood supply causing the haemorrhoid tissue to die. 

More than one band can be applied at time of treatment. In some cases, several treatments can be necessary.

After Rubber Band Ligation:

Immediately after treatment, some dull aching is common, often associated with a desire to empty the bowels. You should AVOID opening your bowels for the remainder fo the day. The ache normally lasts upto 48 hours.

Strenuous physical activity should be AVOIDED on the day of treatment but otherwise, activity and diet are unrestricted.

Most patients require NO medication, but analgesic such as Panadol or Nurofen can be taken, (avoid anything containing Codeine, as this causes constipation). A warm bath can be very soothing, but stronger analgesic may be required.

Some light, bright red spotting/blood is common. Rarely severe bleeding occurs, but you should contact the rooms if you have three bloody motions within 2 hours or if you feel faint or otherwise unwell. 

Infection can occur, but is very rare. Any unexpected findings, such as severe pain or fever should be reported.

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