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Physiology Studies Manometry by Dr Peter Loder

Physiology Studies (Manometry)

Manometry measures pressures and electrical activity of the anal sphincter muscle and the sensation within the rectum.

You will be placed on your left side for approximately one hour and slight discomfort may be experienced. A small, flexible tube with a balloon connected to a specialised machine, that will measure pressures is inserted into the rectum. During the tests, Dr Loder may ask you to squeeze, relax and push. The anal sphincter muscle pressures are measured during each of these manoueves.

What can be learned from Manometry?

The anal and rectal area contains specialised muscles that are helpful to regulate the proper passage of bowel movements. If the muscles are weak or do not contract in a timely way, incontinence (leakage) may occur. Manometry provides helpful information to the doctor in treating faecal incontinence or severe constipation.

What can you do to prepare for this procedure?

Please purchase a Micro Lax Enema from your Chemist and use this in the morning of your appointment. You may eat and drink as normal.

Please bring with you your current referral (if needed).


Due to the very specialised nature of these tests and equipment and the time involved, the approximate cost is $700 but may well be over or under this estimate. It will depend on the exact tests performed, (determined only at time of your appointment, when you are in rooms with Dr Loder).

You can claim Rebate on the total cost from Medicare with a current referral. Payment at the time of your appointment is appreciated, but an account can be given to you, to claim from Medicare first, then the GAP forwarded to Dr Loder.

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