Dr. Peter Loder

Surgery of the Colon & Rectum

Bowel Preparation Instructions

For colonoscopy and some operations, cleaning of the bowel is necessary. You will be given admission forms, as well as the bowel prep instruction sheet when you are booked in after your consultation. If you lose this sheet, below is printable for your private use.


If you are on ASPIRIN or any other medication containing Aspirin, you need to cease taking this 5 days before, unless otherwise advised.

Continue as NORMAL on all other medications, (like blood pressure etc.)

If you are DIABETIC, please inform Dr Loder's rooms ASAP.


Picoprep 3- available from your chemist, without a prescription.


Please avoid eating seeds, wholegrains, nuts, fruit and vegetable skins from your diet. Do not eat large amounts of fruit and/or vegetables.


1. NO food whatsoever. You may only drink CLEAR FLUIDS (see below)

-NO RED COLOURING- from the time you wake up.

2. You should drink as much clear fluid as you can during the day.

3. In the morning, dissolve the contents of each PICOPREP 3 sachet into three separate standard drinking glasses of warm water. Refrigerate all glasses.

4. At 5pm drink the first glass of Picoprep, followed by a glass of water.

5. At 6pm drink the second glass.

6. At 7pm drink the third glass. Continue to drink clear fluids as much as possible to avoid dehydration/headaches.


Continue to drink water until THREE HOURS before your scheduled arrival at hospital. The hospital will notify you of the expected admission time and also confirm the exact time for NIL BY MOUTH.

Examples/Suggestions of Clear Fluids

Water, clear fruit juices such as apple/grape. Bonox/Consomme. Plain jelly (NO red colouring). Icy poles. Soft drinks (any). Cordial (NO red). Black tea/coffee (NO milk). Clear soups (strain any chunky/meaty pieces). Barley sugar lollies can be sucked only.

Please read the following:

Some people experience headaches with bowel preperation. If so, Panadol/Nurofen/Advil etc. should be taken, as per dosage on packet.

*If you need ASSISTANCE


*If you need a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for your employer,

please contact the rooms as soon as possible.